Enamelled advertising and information signs and boards

The signs and boards are made of 1-1,2mm thick steel plates with fire enamelling process,
which guarantees an extremely long and hard resistance against corrosion and weather
Maximum size of production: 1000 x 2000 mm
Availbale designs: bellied, flat, with rim, without rim, special shape cutted on request,
  at the edges mounting holes with plastic hole protectors
special mounting based on demand
Art of sings and boards: institutional (coat of arms), street name, street number, customized
  advertising boards; indicators, danger signals,prohibitors, work safety,
touch safety, safety technology boards; road traffic signs,
magnetic whiteboards for educational purposes, etc.
In case of ordering,the following data are requested:
  - size and shape of boards
- exact text or drawing, graphics
- colours according to Pantone or Ral scale
- packing, mounting requirements
Ordering at: Tel.: 74/500-433; Fax: 74/451-957