Enamel pots

The enamel pots by EMA-LION Bonyhádi Zománcáru kft. are enamelled, the enamel pots made from steel plates, and the pots burned at a temperature of ~ 800ºC.
Enamel coating provides a high level of resistance to substances in food.
The great advantage of enamelled pots is that foreign enamel is not added to the food during use.
Enamel cookware – except for microwave ovens – can be used on all cookers, and the steel plate that forms the base of the cookware allows energy-efficient cooking even on induction cookers.
Enamel-coated dishes are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
The enamel surface is hard to scratch.
Enamelled cookware can be stored in a freezer and is heat resistant up to 450ºC.