Teflon® coated pots

EMA-LION Kft. is the only manufacturer of Teflon® coated enamel pots in Hungary.
The enamel coating pots with Teflon® has the same characteristics as enamel pots, complemented by the beneficial properties of Teflon®.

Teflon in common parlance means non-stick coating.
Among many non-stick coatings, Teflon® is the exclusive proprietary trademark of the inventor of Teflon.
The three-layer Platinum coating is an advanced version of the Teflon® coating, which is highly resistant to abrasion and has a long life.

Teflon® coated cookware can be stored in a freezer and can be used for baking and cooking up to 260 ° C.
Non-stick coated non-stick cookware is a new era in baking, Teflon® coated cookware can be baked with minimal oil and grease, and is extremely easy to clean.
Due to the high chemical resistance of Teflon®, these dishes, like enamel pots are aroma neutral.
The quality of Teflon is strictly controlled by the Teflon® company.